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The Alphabet Book

Note: although we've accumulated quite a good number of in-person testimonies, for more than one reason (day job, developing program back to alphabet), we have only now just started to REALLY bring Den's reading program to Amazon's national stage. -NJD, 2017    

Phonics, by definition, is "the knowledge that letters of the alphabet represent phonemes [=sounds] and that these sounds are blended together to form written words." 

 For example, the letter /a/ makes the "ah" sound (when reading it), the letter /b/ = "buh", and the letter /t/ = "tih". Put them together: "buh" + "ah" + "tih" = b-a-t = bat (baseball bat). That's phonics! 

How phonics works

       Guide to Success

 This book makes it easy to help teach children the fun, and ease of reading through

Pre-Phonics. The phonics technique helped me in the teaching of my own daughter. With a bit of practice and time, this technique will help develop skills that will last a life time.


  • Includes basic lessons that are easy to follow.

  • Pre-phonics lessons enable them to manipulate sounds.

  • ​Balance learning and fun with the coloring pages!